Beginners Guide To Lighting

The purpose of this guide is to provide beginners with a clear and robust method for approaching lighting. As a 3D artist, I struggled to find clear and practical resources when learning lighting. Most training is geared towards fields like photography, film, or painting, which are fundamentally restricted by the physical world. As a digital artist, it can be overwhelming to have so many tools at your disposal, but not know where to start, what lights to use, how many, what color, or why to make one creative choice over another.

My goal is that beginners who follow this book will feel equipped and empowered to approach any type of lighting scenario with confidence and practical steps to achieve their desired result. The methods taught in this book are applicable to any software and even helpful when lighting outside of the computer because they are based on traditional principles developed across many artistic disciplines.

This guide covers everything from basic lighting principles to advanced techniques for creating specific moods and effects. Topics include the roles of light, light types, exposure, and the goals of lighting. By the end of this guide, you'll be equipped with a checklist of essential questions to ask yourself when lighting a scene, and practical steps to achieve your desired result.

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