Thaddaeus Andreades

Digital Artist

I am a digital artist who exists at the intersection of art and technology. My creations most often manifest as still images, 3D animation, and interactive media with a particular interest in environmental storytelling.

My work has one foot planted firmly in a tactile world of sand, space, and the ocean depths, while the other is planted in concepts such as the cyclical properties of time, the hubris of human striving, and the beauty of powerlessness. I am drawn to the mystery and majesty of the natural world, and to things that feel unexplainable. I want people to look at my work and feel wonder and also discomfort at the prospect that we may not be as in control as we believe ourselves to be.

My practice exists in the digital world but crosses over from time to time in drawing, sculpture and photography. I intertwine physical and digital forms to birth new combinations and better reflect our own way of existing in both spaces. I am really motivated by the possibility of each new project being an opportunity to learn a new technique or tool. I apply and mix computer animation and sound techniques that I learned working on films, commercials, VR and games. I have been making digital artwork in the form of 3D animation and film all my life, and professionally since 2015.

I grew up in and currently live, work and create in New York City.

I attended Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts as a fine art major. I received a Bachelor of Fine Art from the School Of Visual Arts for Computer Animation 2015. My thesis short film received global recognition and awards such as the 2015 student Emmy and Student Academy Awards. I recently returned to the School of Visual Arts as an adjunct professor.

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